RICKY  SMITH: 10/15/16
          WCS - DOE

As many of you know Ricky is the PRO SHOOTER for
Creekwood Archery. You may also know he has the
ALL TIME RECORD for BUCK RACK in our deer contest.

I talked with Ricky tonight about his doe and he said it
was in the low 70's and he just had to get her cut up and
in the freezer of frying pan. He said every time he was
in the shop shooting he didn't have any cash and he
would think I will get in the contest the next time I come
in. What you need Ricky is one of those Creekwood
Archery hats with a zipper pocket in it, for your spending
emergences. At any rate Ricky is one hell of a good
hunter. If go back and look at previous years, you see
many of his great kills with a bow. When I get more
details on his hunt, I will fill you all in. He told me today,
he has only been out twice, seen quite a few bucks,
but no shooters.