192 1/2 LB
                       10 Point BUCK

Ralph is a long time friend I worked with at Kodak.
I am always mentioning the patents I got at Kodak.
Well this guy has over 100 of them. But more than
that is Ralph's total commitment to bowhunting
which makes him stand out.

When it comes to the incurable sickness of bowhunting
Ralph is on steroids. It is nothing for him to have over
40 stands set up. All with shooting lanes trimmed and
placed for different wind directions, and times of season.
Ralph and his golf cart go quiet in the dark and get the job
done. Many of you have been told about my method of
saying in my head at full draw on an animal, "I love you
Marcia, I love you Marcia, I love you Marcia". Well Ralph
is the guy that taught me that, only he says, "I love you
Julie, I love you Julie, I love you Julie". Ralph asked me
if I thought a dog could tell if I was afraid of it or not. If you
believe this as I do, why don't you believe a deer can tell
what you are thinking? If you think, "One more step and
your dead meat", maybe the deer will back up. At any
rate this guy loves bowhunting and is a inspiration to all
that are blessed to enjoy his company.