For those of you that don't know Jim is the guy that
Marcia sold my Little Bow to. It is a X-Force Super
Short, 28" Axle to Axle. Since that time Jim has
harvested many animals including this Doe and
carried it all over the country in search of his dreams.

Jim is in the contest, took her hunting in Letchworth,
but didn't bring her in to weigh her. He took her at
10am last Saturday. Yes that is Little Bow in the
picture and of course the peep sight is Little Bow
Peep. {;>}


                               198 lb 8 Point
                               118 2/8" BUCK

Jim & Little Bow were hunting in Letchworth when
he took this superb animal.

We weighed the buck in at 191 1/2 lbs and later the
scale said 198lbs. In all the years we have used the
scale, I never realized the animal needs to be
centered on the platform for the correct weight.

He was using Muzzy broadheads for the 5 yard shot
and the buck went 65 yards before it's demise.

To get it out, he had to drag the buck UP A GULLY.
A partner offered help, but Jim said he could handle
it, because he had done it before.

His method is to use two straps. One to hold it where
it was pulled to last  and the second one to pull it up
higher. Things were going well until one of the straps
broke and Jim, the buck and cart went down to the
bottom together.

Jim ended up on top of the rack, points up (ouch) and
was really lucky. His hands were all scraped up along
with a bunch of bruises, but he knew he was totally

For those of you who know Jim he is a very quiet but
intense person who always has a plan. As above this
is his second deer for the season. Jim still has two
doe tags and intends to fill them. Next weekend he
will be video taping his partners hunts also. He uses
raccoon urine as a cover scent.