TODD  CLAY: 11/08/15
          185 LB
          10 Point 128 1/8" POPE & YOUNG BUCK

Todd is a customer for many many years at Creekwood
Archery. Because of family responsibilities he hasn't
hunted the way he has hoped for in a lot of years.

This year he decided that was going to change and it did.
He didn't practice as much as he wished, had no trail cams
out but he has been hunting in Cohocton, NY since he was
9 years old, so he pretty much knows the deer habits in his
old stomping ground. On Friday the 6th of November he
missed a small buck and was bummed about it. Now with
20-20 hindsight he couldn't be happier about that miss.

Earlier this season he was leaving his stand around 11:30
and getting back around 3:30. The more he thought about it
he decided to stick it out to find out what was going on
during the time period he had been missing. So Sunday
morning he was freezing his butt off and really wanted to
leave and get warm. Todd is really glad he stuck it out,
because this is the best buck of his life. A day he will never
forget. At 12:20 about 20 yards away he saw a buck coming.
It was following a doe that Todd had passed on earlier. His
nose was on the ground and moving right along. Todd came
to full draw, bending at the waist aiming where the doe had
passed earlier. To the left there was no shot, to the right there
was no shot, he said MACK with his voice, the buck stopped
perfect, the three yard shot was on it's way and the deed was
done. Todd was shooting a 100 grain Muzzy broadhead which
gave him a complete pass thru. Todd has a personal rule to
not start tracking for a half hour. During that half hour he
watched a 6 point and a spike buck sparing and a 4 point that
he could have shot. He said it was like I had a buck magnet in
my pocket. While tracking it he saw a 4 point half rack in a
gully which climbed up the hill, circled him and then turned
around and circled him again. What a special day. His buck
want about 150 yards and the work began. If you have never
dragged a 185 pound dead weight all by yourself, you don't
have a clue what Todd had to go thru. Up hill, it was jamb his
rack in the dirt to keep him from sliding down, downhill it was
the bucks rack doing bodily harm at one point ( I will leave
this part to your imagination, but what ever you have
visualized, it's worse than that) and finally getting him in the
truck it was called getting the tailgate on the ground while the
truck was heading up hill, pushing the buck in a little and
tightening a strap attached to his rack, over and over again
until he was in all the way. At this point Todd was tired, but
life was good, because,


Todd has one picture he took in the woods which he is going
to send me. I thought I took more than two pictures, but that
was all that made it in the camera.    Operator error????