RON  PENNA: 10/11/15
          8 Point BUCK

Ron was hunting down in Wayne, NY when he took this nice
8 point. He shot it at 7:15am with a new mechanical broadhead
he was trying out. He had never used a mechanical before.

He saw 12 does and fawns along with 2 bucks. This buck was the
smaller of the two, but was the only one that offered a shot. He
watched both bucks make scrapes and work over trees. He shot
the buck at 33 yards, quartering away and the buck only went
about 50 yards. His longest shot ever was 35 yards so this was
second longest.

He got a complete pass thru hitting bone on both sides. The closest
the 10 point got was about 50 yards and he was deft. Penna can grunt
with his voice like no other person I know, but the 10 point probably
thought it was the 8 point Penna shot.

This breaks a string of two years not killing a NYS buck. Ron has had
lots of opportunities in 2013 & 2014 but chose to pass on those. He is
doing his own meat now and is making some really good stuff. Probably
good vittles caused this 8 point to take a dirt nap. Nice going Penna and,