NEIL  EGENLAUF: 11/01/15
          161 LB
          7 Point 101 6/8" WCS BUCK

Neil has been bowhunting for three years, batting 100%.

Seventeen years old and what a great story. His dad Ed has been
a customer for a few years and has taught this young man well. 

They are going to send me some previous years pictures. This
buck was chasing a doe which Neil missed at 25 yards.

When the buck came by at the same distance, Neil knew why he
had missed, so when he stopped the buck at 8:30 am with his
voice, he didn't miss.

Neil was using a 100 grain Muzzy broadhead, The buck went about
150 yards.

Before he started tracking, two more does came by, but Neil was
out of arrows. If he hadn't been out of arrows the Town of Parma
probably would have had a smaller doe population.


This is his buck from last year.