7 Point 58 1/8" BUCK

Nathan was hunting in Hilton when  he harvested this 5 by 2 racked
buck. The right side of the rack scored 54 2/8" and the left side
23 0/8". I would say the buck was injured in a car accident or
something like that in his past.

This is Nathan's second year bowhunting and he got a spike last year,
so he is batting 100%. When I think back that it took me 9 years to kill
my first buck this young man is doing great. His shot was 18 yards and
he really wasn't happy with it, so he gave him 1 1/2 hours before he
started to track it. He found the buck bedded down so he backed out
for another 2 hours. When he came back this time with his bow he was
able to put his second arrow thru the chest where he hoped the first
arrow would go. In total the buck only went about 40 yards. Nathan was
using a Rage broadhead and his first shot was at 3:30 in the afternoon.