ED  DOWNEY: 10/18/15
          733 LB
          BUTTON BUCK

Well this may be a 1st - Only two of the three musketeers. Mike Roffe is working protecting the kids at school. Ed Downey, the deed doer is on the left. His sidekick Jerry Tinkous is on the right. You will see more of these three before the bow season is over.

This is Ed's third deer taken with a bow. The deer did everything wrong. It came in behind Ed right by a tree Ed had ranged at 25 yards. When the deer stepped out from behind the tree the shot was taken making a complete pass thru going about 70 yards.

Ed was hunting in Holley, NY using 100 grain Muzzy broadheads and at 6:15 the deed was done.

The three musketeers are quite the crew. They really have a lot of fun with bows and guns.