CHIP  DeVAY: 11/09/15
          169 LB
          8 Point 112 5/8" BUCK

Chips friend bought a house not far from Ron Coyle's
house and it had 18 acres of woods. Chip asked
permission to hunt it and the rest is history.

All thru the process of scoring it in the rain he was so
, while I at the same time was explaining to him that I
enjoyed doing it, and felt blessed to have my hand
s on bucks like this.

Chip got in his stand at 4:01 pm and took the 20 yard
shot at 4:48 pm. Hunting close to Ron's house he of
course was hunting in Hamlin, NY.

The buck went about 70 yards. The Grim Reaper broadhead
only allowed him to go 70 yards for his dirt nap.

This picture was taken on Ron's trail camera November 9th,
2013 so we figure this buck is 4 1/2 years old.

When we came in the shop and I was adding up the rack
score, I heard Chip say to Ron, "I haven' told Ben yet",
I said what?
Then he showed me the picture of the buck with a crossbow
in the picture. I said well, I guess Ed Prince doesn't have to
share 2nd Place for Buck Weight in the contest. We had a long
conversation and the result was, next year we will have a
Division in the Creekwood Archery Deer Contest for
crossbows. It will be separate contest from the bow part and
all you crossbow shooters, put that in your memory banks for
the 2016 DEER SEASON.
P.S. To all the people in the Creekwood Archery Deer Contest,
Chip has also taken three does this season with his bow and
didn't realize does were a part of the contest. Lucky to you on
the board for doe weight right now.