117 LB
Vince was hunting in Kendall, NY and the wind was blowing, it was raining and not much was moving.

He was sitting in his stand and thinking about all of his older friends telling him that someday he will enjoy just being in the woods as much as harvesting the deer. His thought was, he was starting to understand what they were talking about, even with the bad conditions. There was no hustle and bustle. The phones were not ringing. It was just plain peaceful even with the conditions not optimal.

Vince was hunting in Kendall, NY when he took this doe with a 10 yard shot. He was using a 100 grain Muzzy broadhead. Vince is currently on the Contest Board Mike Roffe with the doe, so get your butt in here.

His daughter guessed the weight at 110 pounds, Vince guessed 90 pounds and I of course guessed 117 pounds. Vince thought I was really good. I didn't tell him it was the first time in three years I guessed one perfect.