184  LB
          12 Point 154 5/8" POPE & YOUNG BUCK

Travis was excited in 2013 when he was hunting this buck.

Travis was excited in 8/3/14 when he got this picture on a trail cam. That meant el-bucko made it thru the winter.

Travis was excited in 8/23/14 when el-bucko hadn't been hit by a motor vehicle.

But this is what Travis looks like when he has that pinch me excitement on 10/1/14 when el-bucko is in his hands.

Nine years ago Travis started bowhunting with his dad in Pennsylvania. He has been hunting in New York State for two years, since he moved up here. Travis has taken a lot of deer with other weapons, but this is his 4th deer with a bow.

Last year he took a real nice 7 pointer, but this year, as you can see is a different story. He has at least 4 pictures of this buck taken on trail cams this year. Travis was showing me them last week when he was in practicing with his 2012 Elite Answer bow. He hunted this same buck last year, but a shot never presented itself.

The entire scenario developed in less than 10 seconds, from the time he saw the left split G2 until the shot that was taken at 18 yards. It was 7:00am when the 100 grain Muzzy was on it's way.

Travis never looked at the rack again after he saw the split G2 because he knew it was the deer of his dreams.

He wasn't exactly sure of the hit placement, but it sounded good. He listened and thought he heard the buck go down, but after about a half hour, he went back to his truck and waited for two hours. He said the waiting was hard, but he wanted to do it right by backing out and waiting.

He said when he found the buck it was already stiff and figured it had died right when he heard it 40 yards from where he shot it.

Like I said, he was shooting a 100 grain 3 blade Muzzy broadhead, and just in case anyone sh
ould drive up and ask you, that broadhead has been the #1 broadhead in our deer contest for the last 18 seasons.

The total Gross Score of this buck was 171 1/8 inches. Just massive! The G2's were split. I kidded him telling him, he couldn't enter it because it was a Muley.

I am not an official scorer, but I came up with a Net Score after deductions of 154 5/8 inches.

Travis weighs about 155 pounds and the buck was 184 dressed, so without his brother-in-law and another friend to help him drag, he had a problem.

However, it was a GOOD PROBLEM.