STEVE WARD: 10/11/14
          146 LB
          14 Point 129 5/8" FREAK/NASTY BUCK

When Steve texted the picture to me. He said I just shot Mr. FreakNasty !!! buck. 

This buck is a Bob Songin special. I did my best to score it, but to be honest I didn't have a clue.

The base on the left side was 7 and 7/8". You couldn't get your hand 2/3 of the way around it. Points everyware coming from  everywhere. It kind of had a drop-tine want-a-be. Bob Songin is a official scorer for Pope & Young and Boone & Crocket. If he scores Mr. FreakNasty he will have fun with it.

I scored it Non-Typical and really didn't have a clue what I was doing.

Steve took this buck with a 25 yard shot using a SlickTrick broadhead. Mr. FreakNasty only went 25 yards before taking his dirt nap.

The deer were really moving. Steve saw 8 different bucks, 4 does and really enjoyed watching two bucks fighting, not just sparing, going at it 100%. As a matter of fact, the fight brought in other bucks to watch also.

Mr. FreacNasty is the wierdiest non-typical buck Steve has ever seen. He shot it at 8:15am in Greece, NY and had a complete pass thru.

Steve was the first customer to tell me about SlickTricks.

Peter Crawford who owns Elite Archery thought so much of the broadhead he bought the company. If you are having problems with the broadheads you are using you might want to consider SlickTrick's. They are the head I am going to hunt with.

Steve and his son Brandon (who is the only Young Adult so far, 11/02/14 to enter a deer, actually 3) are having an absolute blast hunting with each other. That's what it's all about. and,