RICKY SMITH: 10/12/14
Ricky hasn't called me with the story yet, but as soon as he does you will hear it. He didn't bring it in because, It was to hot, to late and to far. He took the doe at 6:15 with a perfect 15 yard shot using a 100 grain Thunderhead broadhead. He was hunting in Carlton, NY. Even though it was a perfect hit the doe went forever. Maybe 900 to 1,000 yards. Rickey guessed her weight field dressed at 80 pounds. For the contest. all I could enter it as was the weight of the picture which was 17 electrons. This was the second deer that didn't come in because of temperature. Great job Ricky.
RICKY SMITH: 10/18/14
          157 Pound
          10 Point 112 6/8" BUCK

Ricky was hunting in Hamlin, NY and the deer were not moving so he decided to call it a day and was heading home when he saw this buck before it saw him.

Ricky got down on one knee, got an arrow nocked and the buck just kept coming.

At 20 yards Ricky took the shot with his 100 grain Thunderhead, and got another perfect hit with a complete pass thru.

The buck went 80 yards and Mr. Ricky Smith, Creekwood's Pro-Shooter had another nice deer in the RED TRUCK, a 10 pointer.

Ricky hunts with his friend Steve Kessler and I have a feeling you will be seeing more of Steve.

If you don't know Ricky from being at Creekwood, you are really missing something. I think part of his secret to getting nice deer is the RED THUCK>