JOHN BROZAK: 10/28/14
          168 1/2 LB
          9 Point 131 6/8" POPE & YOUNG BUCK

Well he's back, only this time it's with the biggest buck of his life.

When you are a un-cureable sicko bow hunter like Brozak, you will understand why your tatoos are a camo pattern of your own design.

John was in with his new  friend Jodie and from her I learned some of Johns hunting secrets.

First of all Ho Ho's in the back pack along with PIZZA w/pepperoni. Do you believe it? Of course they are all in Zip Lock Bags. John says a man has got to eat.

Now lets get to the facts. John took this buck in Letchworth State Park at 6:15 pm with a Rage Broadhead. He found some sign he had never hunted before and there was no place to put up his tree stand, so he ended up sitting on a pine tree that had fallen down. He did a little trimming and blended right in sitting on the log with his leaf suit on.

His shot was 35 yards and the buck only made it about 45 yards. It wasn't a pass thru shot, but the broadhead put such a big hole on the entrance side it didn't make a difference.

The buck was super symmetrical considering there was only 3 6/8 inches deductions and 1 6/8 inches was the 9th point. When you take your personal best buck you know,