118 LB
          6 Point 59 1/8" BUCK

Nothing like waiting till the last minute. Jerry was hunting in Murray, NY while his two partners, Ed Downey and Mike Roffe were planning there gun hunt tomorrow.

Jerry went out to his ground blind around 3:45 for the last bow hunt of the season. He sat down on his stool and watched 3 doe in a field until something spooked them back into some slashing. Before he new it there was a buck walking towards him and he just kept coming. Jerry got his bow drawn, his stool turned around a bit and the shot was made. It was a 25 yard shot with hi 100 grain Razor Cap broadhead out of his Hoyt Spyder.
At the shot the buck kicked out high and ran off. Jerry had a good feeling about the shot. He went and found his arrow, called his partners and they decided to wait an hour. The buck was trained right because it went toward Jerry's house and almost died in his back yard by the garden.