JASON GRILLO: 11/02/14
          10 Point 136 0/8" POPE & YOUNG BUCK

Jason was hunting in Greece, NY and took this nice buck with a 2 blade Rage broadhead at 8:00am. When he brought it in to have it scored Ron liked it so much and was so excited for Jason he forgot to take a picture of it. I'm sure a picture will be fourth-coming. Stay tuned. It is a WOODA_COULDA_SHOULDA Buck. His shot was 26 yards and the buck only went about 60 yards. Jason had many nice bucks on his trail cameras, but had never seen this buck before. When he brought it in, it was the rack only. It had split brow tines on both sides and 8" G2's & 7" G3's. When you harvest a Pope & Young buck you know,