JACK EDMOND: 10/2/14
          284 LB MONSTER
          8 Point BUCK - Live Weight

Jack called me around 11pm and asked if he could
weigh a Buck he had taken earlier in the day. He said
it was the biggest buck he had ever killed and it
wasn't gutted yet.

He wanted a live weight number. What a monster he
took in Greece, NY.

The biggest buck I ever weighted was 240 pounds
in 1999. This is a WOODA_COULDA_SHOULDA Buck,
as was the 240 pounder, the biggest Buck ever in
the contest was 227 pounds.

Jack said he might gut it and bring it back, but I don't
believe he did.

If the guts weighted less than 44 pounds it would be
the heaviest buck I have weighted in 19 seasons.