105 1/2 LB

Dustin was hunting with his new Elite Energy 32 when he took this nice Doe. Dustin was hunting with his mom Carol, his girlfriend Julie and his friend John when he harvested
the doe.

Carol, his mom saw over 20 deer. but nothing close enough she wanted to shoot. His girlfriend saw a lot also but nothing big enough.

Dustin watched her for about 5 minutes before he took her with a QAD Exodis broadhead at 5:30pm. It was a 23 yard shot in Holley, NY and the Doe only went about 15 yards. Dustin always shows up with a bunch of fans. Dad didn't hunt today because he was playing baseball and his team won. Everybody in the picture had a great day. I think you will see some more of Dustin before Early Bow Season is over.

          95 LB
I told you you would see him again.

Dustin was hunting with his mom & dad today out in Holley, NY. They all saw multiple deer, but Dustin was the only one that connected.

While watching this doe for 10 minutes or so he saw at least 12 other deer. He was hunting in the stand his girlfriend was hunting in last week. He hit the doe a little bit further back than he would have liked, but he got one lung and the liver, and his QAD Exodis broadhead did the job. It was a 26 yard shot at 6:35pm and the deer died on his neighbors property after going about 150 yards. When Dustin went and asked the neighbor for permission to come on the property, the neighbor told him where the deer was because he saw it tip over. He got a complete pass thru with the shot.

Again I'm going to say, you haven't seen the last of Dustin this season.

          176 3/4 LB
          8 Point 110 7/8" BUCK

I told you you would see him again, and I'm pretty sure he will be in with at least one more doe. Dustin is using his head, using the wind and if the wind isn't right he doesn't hunt there. If he kills her on Oct. 20th it will be a deer every 5 days. 5th, 10th & 15th of October. Dustin was hunting on the downwind side of a bedding area where it was real thick. He first saw the buck about a half hour before he shot it. He attempted to grunt it in and thought he failed. The buck spent the half hour trying to get downwind of this buck he heard grunting. Dustin was hunting in Holley, NY when he took the 24 yard shot. He was using the same QAD Ezodis broadhead which gave him a pass thru hit just behind the shoulder blade. He was not impressed with the blood trail and is thinking about changing broadhead's. The buck went over 100 yards and luckily Dustin saw the buck crossing a cut corn field, went over there with his flashlight, shined it and saw the bucks white belly.