CLINT LIST: 10/13/14
          218 LB (Not our scale)
          12 Point 156"+ POPE & YOUNG BUCK

This is an E-Mail with pictures I received from Clint:

My lucky number 13 paid off once again when I got this big boy early Monday morning Oct 13. Hes a 5.5 years old (teeth worn to the gums), has 12 points, green scores 156+. He has 25 inch main beams, a 21 inch spread with incredible mass right to the his beam tips, that dressed out at 218 pounds so he was most likely close to 300 on the hoof. I heart shot him as he quartered away from me at 8 yards. One of my best bow deer ever!



Who said 13 was an un-lucky number? 12 Point in oak leaves, Recurve shooter, 8 yard shot - I think 13 might be the luckiest number in the world. But if anybody should drive up and ask you, Clint List is probably the best hunter I know. GREAT BUCK CLINT ! The pictures taken in the field are so much nicer than the ones taken here at Creekwood Archery.