TERRY  ALLEN: 11/04/13
          174 1/2 LB
          10 Point 114 3/8" BUCK

Terry is a new guy to our contest, but I don't think
you've seen the last of this guy. He is a serious
bowhunter. He took this HOOKER BUCK (I named it)
in Clarendon, NY at 7:00+am. It was an 8 yard shot
and the buck went ZERO yards.

He was shooting a 100 grain 3 blade Muzzy broadhead.
Just in case anyone sh
ould drive up and ask you, that
broadhead has been the #1 broadhead in our deer
contest for the last 19 seasons. Terry said this buck
was on a mission, coming straight towards him,
grunting every couple steps.

I named him "The Hooker Buck" because of the
10 6/8" hook on the left side below the brow tine.
I think an official scorer would call it a drop tine,
but I'm not sure. Terry missed guessing the
weight of this buck by 1/2 pound. He is going to
send me some pictures he took in the field. What
a special buck.