RICK  GOSLAU: 11/03/13
                         - 128 LB
                         - 5 Point
                         - 42 4/8" BUCK

Rick watched this buck for over 10 minutes before
taking his 25 yard shot. He was hunting in a stand
he hadn't hunted in over 3 years. There were no
yardage markers out like have at all there regular

At 4:07 he put his 20 yard pin high on the broadside
buck at 25 yards and let fly. The 100 grain Muzzy
broadhead found it's mark and did the job. Rick was
hunting in Kendall, NY. He wasn't sure of the hit so
he backed out for 1 1/2 hours. They started out on
the trail with almost zero blood.

Tyler his 11 year old son is the tracker with about
5 years experience. Then Jackie, Ricks wife saw a
red light. It was Rick's Luma-Nock, but all of a
sudden the light got up and ran off. They backed off
for another 1 1/2 hours or better. When they came
back the buck was done and,

In the picture above, I think Tyler is dreaming about
hunting in 2014.