PETER  CRAWFORD: Fall of 2013

This is my friend Peter Crawford. He is the guy that
called in my Bull Moose for me and also is President
of Elite Archery which has sponsored my 420 Pro/Am
Tournament every year of it's existence.

He took this buck in Kansas this fall and when he
dragged the buck out, this was what the sky looked
like. Peter gets to hunt all over the place. He has
taken a whole pile of quality deer. If you talk with
him, he could tell you the story of all of his trophies,
but he had never seen a sky like this before. He not
only talks the talk, but walks the walk.

My memories of Elk hunting in Montana include the
Crazy Mountains turning pink at sunset. To this day
I don't know why they look that way. Peter wasn't
hunting Elk with me in Montana, but Peter is a
person that enjoys making memories for a person.
While I was hunting Elk in Montana, Peter was
making sure my Moose meat made it home alright.
Peter knew I had a dream of killing a buck and
bringing it home in my canoe. He asked me if it
would be all right to substitute a Moose for the Deer.