OWEN MEARS: 10/13/13
          7 Point BUCK

Owen was hunting in LeRoy, NY when he took this nice buck
with a Slick Trick broadhead. It was a 28 yard shot and the
buck went 0 yards. One more arrow to finish him off at 5:54 pm
and the memory was embeded. Memories that will last this
young man a lifetime. The buck was following 6 or 7 does.
Owen only saw the buck for maybe 30 seconds, his dad
dropped an arrow by mistake, the buck heard the noise,
stopped and Owen shot him.

When he and his dad came in to get some more Slick Tricks,
he told me about the hunt. Like a dummy, I didn't take his
picture when he was here because he was in his Scout Uniform.
Owen belongs to Troop 4 in Spencerport. He E-Mailed me this
picture and is going to bring in the rack so I can measure it for him.