NICK DESPART: 10/27/13
          XXX LB
          6 Point BUCK

This deer is not in the contest. It was not brought
into Creekwood.

This deer is Nick Despart's 1st buck with a bow. I
talked to his mom and he made the double lung
shot at 45 yards, with a QAD Exodus broadhead.
I looked it up on the internet and it looks like a
sweet little broadhead. If Jimmy's son is shooting
it, I should probably check them out for next year.

Most all of Creekwood's over 10,000 customers have seen
the picture of the guy in the white shirt with his hands up in
the air in the shooting range, because he had just won the
biggest money shoot in the world, Las Vegas. That is nick's
father. Jimmy Despart, who I met as my Martin Archery Rep,
who became my friend, who did a free program for all the
Creekwood kids, who invented the "X" system which Martin
Archery's customers won so many  tournaments with and
killed a lot of critters, who now runs an archery shop in the
Albany area called Flying Arrow II. Anyway as you can
probably tell, I think a lot of Jimmy. In the pict
ure is Nick with
his 1st buck, Jimmy and Jim's dad. The Despart family is
wound tight with a lot of traditions which is obvious just
looking at the picture. The last time I saw Nick he was shooting
the NYS Indoor Championships in Oneonta, NY. Great job
on this buck Nick. The apple didn't fall very far from the tree.