MIKE  ROFFE: 11/06/13
          129 LB
          6 Point 67  5/8" BUCK

Mike the third member of Creekwood's Three Musketeers
has completed the successful season for there group.

He was bowhunting in Murray, NY when he took the 20 yard
shot at 3:45pm with his 100 grain Striker broadhead. He was
only his stand for 15 minutes before the shot.

He heard the buck make a scrape and then watched the
buck for a little over a minute before the deed was done.
Unlike the other Musketeers Mike was actually hunting
out of his own stand.

Jerry Tinkous the guy in the center took a short cut
from where he was bowhunting and actually found
the buck first, before the blood trailers had
completed there mission. As you can see The
Three Musketeers are all together.