LARRY MERLO: 10/27/13
          200 LB
          8 Point 133 2/8" BUCK
          POPE & YOUNG
Larry was hunting in Ossian, NY in a stand he almost
didn't hunt, because a tree had come down in the wind
the day before and was kind of blocking his shooting

He was on the edge of a corn field. At 8:00 sharp
he made the shot with his G5 Montec broadhead.

The first thing he saw was this monster buck hopping
and jumping out of the corn. Next he saw a six point
who he assumed was being kicked out of the field.

Because of the downed tree in his shooting lane, Larry
was in an awkward position when he made the first shot
because of the tree in the way and he missed.

The buck went down the edge of the corn a short distance
and stopped. There was no shot opportunity.

Larry used his can and bleated two times. Waited maybe
20 seconds and then bleated one more time. The buck
turned around, came back and Larry shot  him at 18 yards.

Because he hit the spine the buck went no where,
and one more arrow and the buck was history. In
the picture below, Larry may be looking upstairs,

For those of you who don't know what Pope & Young is:
Pope & Young is a scoring system used in archery to
determine the caliber of the animal. For whitetails, it is
based on symmetry. First the inside spread is measured,
then the right and left sides are measured - And then the
differences are subtracted from the total of, the Inside,
Right Side, and Left side. Larry's buck had a Gross Total
of 137 4/8" and after a deduction of 4 2/8" his buck had a
Net Score of 133 2/8". All scoring is done in eight's of an
inch. The scoring systems are to honor the animal and not
the hunter who harvested it.