KEN  MOORE: 10/30/10
          6 Point BUCK

Ken is one of my good friends. Ken and I have
hunted together for a lot of years. My best friend
Roger Lowden and I were planning an Elk hunt
out west and I had been putting money aside for
three years. On night I said to Roger, we need to
start going to shows and look for an outfitter for
our hunt. Roger said he had changed his mind,
had never left his wife alone since they had been
married and wasn't going on our western trip.

The very next day, I went to work at Kodak and
Ken asked me to go Bear hunting. I said yes,
count me in. He said, don't you want to know
where, how much it is, when we are going or
anything. I said no, if you are going, I am there.
Ken and his wife Cheryl are both target archers
that also enjoy bowhunting. Ken had some more
pictures than this, but they got destroyed.