116 LB
          5 Point BUCK
Jerry, Mike & Ed, Creekwood's Three Musketeers. They
all met at Creekwood shooting our Indoor 3D League and I
 want to tell you, these guys have a lot of fun together.

Ed was out of town last week and Jerry shot a doe out of
Ed's ground blind. On the 21st Ed shot a deer out of
Jerry's stand. Mike's turn is coming. 

Jerry was hunting in the Town of Murray when he made
the 30 yard shot with his 100 grain Razor Cap broadhead.
It was 6:00pm and he had been watching the buck for
three minutes or so. After the hit the buck only went about
60 yards. His lighted nocks helped a lot in seeing where
the buck went, but they didn't find it till the next morning.

Had they gone another 20 yards the night before, they would
have found it. Luckally the coyotes didn't find the buck like
they did the doe he shot the week before.