125 LB
          9 Point 92 4/8" BUCK

When Jackie's husband entered her in the contest he told
me she was going to get a buck and he wasn't kidding. This
is Jackie's 3rd bow buck and I don't know how many does
she has taken.

There were two bucks running togeather and this was the
bigger of the two. Jackie rattled them in, took the 30 yard
shot, and they both ran off. The one she shot with 100 grain
Muzzy only went about 30 yards before the dirt nap set in.

Then Jackie rattled the second buck back in and could of shot
it had the Conservation Dept. given her a second buck tag.
Naturally she passed because this lady enjoyes hunting the
right way.

I had never met her before, but any good hunter would be proud
to have her as there hunting partner. You can see how her husband
feels about her hunting skills. I hope she wins something in the
contest. Only time will tell.

It was a warm day when she brought it in, so she had changed
out of her camo.
She had only been in her stand about 15 minutes
before taking this buck at 8:45am in Kendall, NY.