ED DOWNEY: 10/21/13
          65 LB
          Button Buck

Ed, Jerry, & Mike, are Creekwood's Three Musketeers.
They all met at Creekwood shooting our Indoor 3D League
and I want to tell you, these guys have a lot of fun together.

Ed was out of town last week and Jerry shot a doe out of
Ed's ground blind. Then Ed shot his deer out of Jerry's
stand. Mike's turn is coming. Ed is a professor at Brockport
College and really enjoys the outdoors. Both bow & gun
seem to be equally enjoyed. As Ed said to me, "I really
like hunting out of Jerry's Cadillac tree stand. Double
cushions and a burlap curtain, your in a life of luxury.

The two deer came in behind him of course and the 15 yard
shot with his Muzzy 100 grain broadhead did a super job out
of his brand new Hoyt Charger. A professional executioner
couldn't have made a better shot. The arrow entered behind
the last rib and exited in the armpit of the far front leg. A
textbook shot. When Ed retires I don't know if he should write
a book on his expertise or one on his outdoor experiences.
He was hunting in the Town of Murray and did the deed at
5:30pm. These guys are fun!