164 Pounds
          9 Point 93 5/8" BUCK

Dustin was hunting in Clarendon when he saw, No Nuts
(That's what I named his buck) running with two other
bucks and a doe.

The buck that was quite a bit bigger was the same distance
away, but there was no shot because of some brush. I
named the buck No Nuts because when he gutted it he
removed the nuts. When your excited about taking the
biggest deer of your life, you maybe don't gut the deer out
the way you intended.

His girlfriend Julie said the buck would have weighed
a couple more pounds had he left the accoutrements
in  tact.

Dustin drew his bow two other times before he made the
17 yard shot at around 7:10 pm hunting in Clarendon, NY.

He was using a Magnus BuzzCut broadhead. The buck
went 70 yards before taking his dirt nap.

As you can see this is a real nice buck with a 18 5/8"
inside spread, gross score 109 4/8". After he shot it, he
backed out and gave the deer an hour or so before
going after it.

This buck is his personal best, which makes 2013 a
season he won't forget, maybe ever.

Yes, there were a lot of people excited for him. His buck
is a DANDY.

This is what the buck looks like when the idiot
photographer, (me,) forgets to turn he flash on.