COREY  RATH: 11/13/13
          146 LB
          8 Point 100 4/8" BUCK

Corey is having his best bow season ever. This
is his best bow buck ever, and when that happens
you know it is a good year.

He has also taken three does with his bow this
year. WOW! This year he has been hunting with
his girlfriend who has also had a successful

Cory had been in his stand about 15 minutes when
he took the 20 yard shot that did the deed. The buck
went about 50 yards.

A friend of his needed help finding a buck up in
Brockport, so Corey left, went up to to help his
friend. When he got back the snow had melted
and the blood trail was tough. His girlfriend was
actually the one that found it taking a dirt nap.
Corey was hunting in Clarkson and shot the buck
at 7:00am with a Rage Hypodermic broadhead. He
is sending me pictures of his girlfriends doe.


I took this one without the flash, but the horns and
Corey's face lit up so well from the parking lot
lights, I left it in. Earlier in the season Corey came
down with his mom, which has been a tradition
over the years, but I missed seeing them.