BRIAN  WOODIN: 11/05/13
          166 LB
          8 Point 105 1/8" BUCK

Brian passed on this buck the 3rd day of the season.
It was 70+ degrees and he had seen 2 bigger bucks
in the area while in velvet. About 3 days later he
was wondering if he had made the right decision.

On the 4th of November he saw this same buck again
and decided to move his stand. He put some scent in
a nearby scrape and did his drag line, like he always
does. He had been in the stand about an hour and a
half and while talking to his wife quietly when he said,
"BUCK BUCK BUCK" and hung up. The buck came in.

Brian drew his bow when the buck was at 15 yards
and his shoulder popped out. He of course let
down, wiggled it back into place, grunted and
coaxed the buck back in not knowing if he could
draw his bow or not, for a 21 yard shot while the
buck was heading for the scrape.

The shot was quartering away and Brian made a
absolutely text book shot. The 100 grain Thunderhead
entered on the bucks right side behind the last rib and
exited behind the bucks left front leg. Not only that, he
got the whole thing on video, using his trail cam. He
shot him in Clarendon at 2:40pm. What a special hunt.

I have a date with his wife Jayme on Friday or Saturday
to weigh her deer which will of course be bigger than
his and score it for her. I hope she doesn't stand me up.
Look out Brian, WOMEN RULE. Actually nothing
would make Brian more happy than to have his bride
take a buck bigger than his.

Brian is going to try to get her hunt on video. If I can
figure out how to get his video of this buck on this
page, I will.