BOB  FESS: 11/02/13
          101 LB
          SPIKE  BUCK

Bob and Linda Fess have been shooting at the
shop for quite a while. Bob had been hunting on
one of my best friends property this year. I
happened to mention the guys name at the shop
one day and Bob said, "I just got permission to
hunt his property a couple weeks ago." It's a
small world.

However Bob took this Spiker down in Canandaigua,
NY. This is Bob's first year bowhunting. As a matter
of fact it is his first year ever big game hunting.

Bob took this spiker with a 15 yard shot and the
buck only went 70 yards. He was using a 125 grain
Slick Trick broadhead. The shot was at 8:00am
after watching the buck for 4 minutes or so. Bob
had put the tree stand in the dark and when the
sun came up Sunday morning he didn't know if
he could shoot out of it or not with no shooting
lanes cut and so many leaves.

As it worked out the buck cooperated and gave
him a sweet little spot for the arrow to get thru.