150 LB
          15 Point 149 2/8" BUCK
           POPE & YOUNG

Anthony is going to send a bunch of pictures that will
do this buck justice. When I got done scoring it for him,
he wanted to know what he owed me. I said, "A smile
and some more pictures of him in the field, plus the
pictures of the spiker his daughter harvested this year,
because she was one of my students in bowhunter
education That's what you owe me."

Anthony took this buck in Greece, NY with a 100
grain Muzzy broadhead. The shot was 8 yards
and the buck went about 150 yards.

Anthony was about 28' up in a tree when he made
the shot.

From the time he saw the buck until the shot was
taken was about 20 seconds.

The buck had his head down and ran toward Anthony's
house, which is nice. He got his wife and asked her to
come help find the deer. He told her it was a spiker.
When she saw the deer, she said, "Holey _____! Actually
Anthony had already found the deer, and when he first
saw it, he said it was a real emotional moment. He thought
about all the seasons the buck had lived to give him this
moment in his life. He said it wasn't a religious experience,
it was just a moment of appreciation and fulfillment.

You will love the pictures he is going to send me.