ANDREA AYLES: 10/20/13
          67 1/2 LB
          Button Buck
Andrea wasn't hunting in a white top to give the deer
a chance. She fell in the creek getting her deer out of
the woods. In her words; "I was soaked".

Andrea was hunting in Livonia with her dad when she
took this deer with a 15 yard shot. 1st year, 1st deer.
She was proud. She watched the deer for about 10
minutes before taking the shot.

Because of the fixed blade broadhead the deer only
went 30 yards. In 30 yards it crossed a creek twice.
Hence getting it out the swimming session. She said,
she started out cold because her hunt was in the low
40's, so you get kind of chilled and when you top it
off with a swim, you are cold. By the time she and her
dad brought it in her ordeal was all worth it. Andrea
made a beautiful shot on the deer.