TODD CAHILL: 11/13/12
          139 1/2 LB
          8 Point 109 7/8" BUCK
TODD CAHILL: 10/7/12

Todd was hunting in Letchworth State Park when he
took this buck, his best buck ever with any weapon.

He is not positive, but thinks he may have missed
this same buck the night before. That evening his
arrow hit a limb and after that hit possibly hit every
tree in the entire State park. Todd was happy it was
a clean miss, and his bowhunting partner, John
Brozak found his arrow.

The main beams, both over 20 1/2" curved around and
almost touched. The way his rack looked, it looked like
the buck turned his head sideways to make his rubs. I
thought it looked like he rubbed a metal post.

This was actually Todd's second deer for the season.
The first weekend of the season he took a nice doe.