TIM  PASK: 10/30/10
          NICE DOE - NICE SHOT

Tim started up a friendship with Jim Cushman way
back when "Cush" worked for us at Creekwood.
Tim has shot leagues and many tournaments at
Creekwood. I know he has worked hard on his
shooting, which shows when you look at the hit on
this deer. Dr. Kevorkian couldn't have done a better
job. As you can see Tim is on a scooter. He has
some use of his legs, but not a lot. This issue
doesn't slow him down a bit. Every one of you
reading this know somebody who doesn't do the
things he wants to do and uses the issue as an
excuse for not living life. For Tim Pask, there is
nothing that causes him to give up on life. Tim you
are a man's man and I am very proud of all that
you do. Congratulations!

This is an E-Mail I received from Tim.

Took the deer Friday night @ 4:45. 3 deer came out .2 doe
and a button buck. Smaller doe and button buck mingled
around the blind at 11 yards. Those 2 keep looking in the
blind. really thought the jig was up .2ND doe moved off to
the left to about 20 yards. Took 20 minutes or so to get the
shot off. worrying about getting busted by the other 2...all
the while trying not move even thought I got a cramp in my
thigh muscles. Finally got the shot off. perfect 20 yard double
lung pass thru. The hunt was fri,sat,sun. After Friday nights
kill to break the ice. I was ready to get more deer but no other
willing participants cooperated.