TIM  FEDERICO: 10/28/12
          174 LB
          7 POINT 105 5/8" BUCK

Tim was hunting at his camp down in Burns, NY
when he took this wide 7 pointer ( 19 6/8").

When he brought the buck in he was dry, but I don't
know how. It has been raining for two days.

He set the stand on Saturday in a new spot he hadn't
hunted before. He cut his shooting lanes and Sunday
morning was up and ready.

He saw three does, a basket 8 with the buck following
he killed. He was using a Rocket, 100 grain bacon
skinner broadhead. It was a 32 yard shot and the buck
only went 65 yards.

Tim brought his buck out in his ice fishing sled. He
reuiened (burned)a cape one time draging a buck on
the ground. Tim is the customer with the $2.00 bill
that is pinned to the shelf behind the computer at
the shop. He wants it back in the worst way. The $
2.00 bill has a lot of history. If your interested, I can
tell you about it.