STEVE  KESSLER: 10/13/12
          172 1/2 LB
          8 Point 120 6/8"
          NYS Big Buck Club BUCK

Steve has been chasing this dream since he was 14 years
old. On this day hunting with his good friend Ricky Smith
the day arrived.

The smile tells the whole story.

Two interesting things about this rack were: a.) Two
devil points on each side not an inch long, but
perfectly semirecital, and the buck had been beating
the crap out of trees with them. b.) In the center of the
crab claw on the left main beam was a hole where
a Bott Fly had attacked the rack in velvet. I stuck the
piece of steel cable in the hole and the cable went
in 3 3/8". You can see a bump in the picture above
where the Bott Fly lived.

Steve wasn't in his treestand more than 15 minutes
when he received a text from Ricky that there were
some hunters hunting the property without permission.
The reply Ricky received was, "I just shot an 8 point".

Because Steve wasn't sure of the hit, he and Ricky
decided to wait 2 1/2 hours before starting to track
the blood trail.

From where they found the buck it was just a short
drag to a 4 wheeler trail which really helped. If the
trail hadn't been there, they would have had to
drag the buck around an entire corn field.

Ricky Smith, next to Steve's right shoulder killed
the biggest racked buck in our contest ever in 2011.

Steve had a 17 yard shot with a 125 grain Thunderhead
broadhead and traveled about 100 yards. This super
buck was taken at 3:50pm in Carlton, NY.

The Gross Score was 124 6/8" and as I added up the
deductions Steve's fingers were crossed and when
I told him NYS BIG BUCK CLUB BUCK, he had a
look on his face like he had just won the lottery.