RON PENNA: 11/7/12
          188 LB
          9 Point 138 4/8"

Ron isn't done yet in 2012, but he came real close
to having his best year ever. Actually even though
he lost a big Bull Moose up in Newfoundland, this
still may be his best bowhunting year ever.

Ron took a Mule Deer, a Elk and this awesome
whitetail buck in Illinois. He has gone to Illinois
for years with his friend Chris Efing, hunting on
property they lease. It is not a guided hunt type

He does the same thing in Colorado where he took
the Bull Elk & Mulley.

He took this buck with a 33 yard shot and the buck
went about 200 yards. He killed it on the Wednesday
the 7th of Nov. and we weighted it on Sunday the
11th. I'm sure if Ron had taken my scales with him to
Illinois and weighed it out there, it would have been
over 200 pounds.

Counting the split brow tines this buck grossed
154 4/8".

What a dandy. Ron has a major problem out at the
house. There just isn't enough wall space for all
his mounts. Usually you don't have to consider a
addition on your house as part of you hunting
expense. Mountain Man Taxidermy loves Mr. Ron
Penna. I'll have to ask Ron if he gets a break
because so many of his fishing customers, get fish
mounted there.

I know I say this all the time, but the smile says,
"The REST of the STORY". (Thanks Paul Harvey)