ROBERT  SNOOK: 11/3/12
          151 1/2 LB
          10 Point 111 7/8" BUCK

Robert was hunting down in Mt. Morris, NY when
he took the best deer of his life. These are the
good old days, right now.

He was invited to hunt this property by a friend of
his dads. They had stands already up, but Robert
chose to put up his own stand. After seeing a
couple of bucks out of his range, he decided to
move his stand, which he did.

OK, this is where things get interesting. He put out
a scent drag, got up in his new tree, all his stuff is
on the ground and he see's the buck coming.
Quickly he pulls up all his stuff, throws his release
around his wrist and pulls it tight with his teeth,
somehow gets an arrow on the bow, pulls the bow
back and makes the 17 yard shot. The shot was at
10:28 in the morning. With everyone using cell
phones these days, I get times like these, because
after the shot, probably a text was sent. Robert only
hunts with a bow and to pull this off the way he did,
he obviously is 100% confident with both his
equipment and his emotions. He was shooting a 100
grain Slick Trix broadhead, which did a super job
because the buck only went 40 yards. Bowhunters
dream about blood trails like that.