11/1/12 - Doe
          11/8/12 - 87 lb Doe
          11/9/12 - 148 lb 112 2/8" 8 Point Buck

Let me tell you a little story about Paulo. His mom
called him and said, "Where are you?", Paulo said
I am home. His mom said, no your not, I was just
there. Paulo said, mom this time of the year my
home is in the woods and my wife is a widow. You
know that.

Paulo hunts with a real good friend of mine and
usually gives one of my wife's best friends a deer
every year.

When you are sipping lemonade out on the patio
on a hot summer day, Paulo is shooting his bow,
clearing shooting lanes, planting food plots, or
fixing and putting up treestand's. This guy just
plain likes to bowhunt.

This doe was taken in the Town of Clarkson, around
9:30am with a 100 grain Muzzy broadhead. It was a
20 yard shot, with the doe only going 100 yards. T
here were a total of four does in the group and Paulo
took the fourth one in the group, with the same
arrow he took the first doe with on 11/1/12. He builds
his own arrows and obviously does a good job.

Paulo took this buck, his biggest to date, also in the
Town of Clarkson, around 7am. It took him 3 arrows to
get the job done.

The 1st arrow was biscuit & lungs, the 2nd arrow
was lungs and the final shot was butt. In between
shots was a lot of thinking, waiting, planning and

The next stop was Creekwood, followed by visiting
his mom in the hospital. There is no grass growing
under this guys feet. He used a 100 grain Muzzy
broadhead. When you take your biggest buck ever
with a bow, you absolutely know,