176 LB
          11 Point 116 1/8" Buck

Nathan took this dandy 11 point buck hunting in the
Town of Parma with a Rage broadhead. It was a 20
yard shot and the buck went about 90 yards. Nathan
was really wishing it was a book buck, and when it
turned out not to be, he seemed really disappointed.

It had the mass and the height, but just wasn't
semectrical. With 10 2/8" of diductions, it's tough
to come out book. Like I said to Nathan, if your
wife or girlfriend had everything that you could
ever want as a companion, but one eyebrow was
1/2 " higher than the other one you would be
totally happy with what you got. 126 3/8" Gross is
a Pope & Young number but after deductions the
Pope & Young thing went away. Like Ron Coyle
says, it's the Gross that counts, that's the bone.
All I could tell Nathan was, that is an above average
buck for this area and you can take that to the bank.

On the left beam, there was a 1" junk in the trunk.
I would guess the buck at 3 1/2 years old.

When a truck pulls into Creekwood and there are
two bucks in the back, you know the guys in the
front of the truck are serious bowhunters. Nathan
is on the left and Matt is on the right. Mark, Matt's
brother, isn't in the picture because he is in his