HEAVY 3 1/2 YR. OLD
           Point 115 TO 120" BUCK

These are the E-Mails I received from Steve:

Ben the Taxidermist checked the teeth and said the deer is 3-1/2 year old.

Ben, I just got these two pictures.

Check out my deer on Joe’s trail camera 3 days before I bagged him . Note, the big rub he is standing next to. Well we may now know  who is responsible for that.

Things are sweet when you have trail camera
pictures taken during legal hunting hours.

When there is a tree in the picture that has probably
seen it's last year to leaf out because a buck, or many
bucks have ripped it to schreds, it is probably hard
to get to sleep the night before the hunt.

Steve has been shooting our Indoor 3D League for I
believe 19 years and really deserves a buck like this
every year.

He is part of the LoPresti crew that shoots on
Tuesday night at 7:30. All of these guys have
an absolute HOOT shooting togeather.

His daughter, Val is a serious bowhunter and
makes the woods much better looking every

Sometimes they bust on Mossy while shooting
the League. I predict some might be a little
quieter this winter, because, MOSSY RULES !!!!

Smiles tell the whole story of what it's
all about.

The talk around the family Thanksgiving table
this year will include a bit of hunting chatter,
I would bet.