MATT SPALL: 11/2/12
          126 LB
          7 Point Buck

Matt and his brother Mark grew up on Lawrence
Road way back when Creekwood first opened.
Since then, we have seen them from time to
time. Life, women, jobs and moving away has
caused us to not see them as regulars as much
as we used to.

These guys, Matt, Mark and Nathan are serious bow
hunters. They practice there own version of QDM
and stick to the rules. Matt, hunting in the Town of
Parma took this buck in a swampy area with a 20
yard shot with his 125 grain Muzzy broadhead. The
time of the shot was 5:45:40 and he first saw the
buck at 5:44:30. In other words he had 10 seconds
to stand up, draw his bow and make the shot. The
buck went about 200 yards.

When a truck pulls into Creekwood and there are
two bucks in the back, you know the guys in the
front of the truck are serious bowhunters. Nathan
is on the left and Matt is on the right. Mark, Matt's
brother, isn't in the picture because he is in his