MATT  MANK: 10/14/12
          8 Point 108 6/8" BUCK

Matt brought this nice 8 pointer in, as just a cape and
a head in a box. When I asked him why he didn't get
it weighed, he said he wasn't in the contest and
didn't want to bother me.

He had a picture on his phone and to me it looked like
a 200 pound plus buck. He is going to send me the
picture so I can put it in his story. I wish I could have
weighed it. When he sends it to me I will add it to this
page. Matt has had an absolutely super season. He
said to me, "I am tagged out, I have filled both my Doe
tags and now my Buck tag." I saw his dad today at The
Hamlin Hometown Cafe, and told him he ought to sign
over a doe tag to Matt. Rod told me he already did and
he already filled it. After I finished scoring the rack, Matt
said, I need to hunt somewhere where I don't see so
many deer. Matt absolutely loves bowhunting and is
obviously a good shot, that can perform under

Matt was bowhunting in Clarkson, NY when
he took this buck which was his first bow buck. The
shot was 12 yards with a Rage broadhead. It was not
a pass thru, but the buck only went 50 yards, so,