JULIE  BURCH: 10/23/12
      90 lb Doe
(Guessed weight by Bill - looks bigger to me)

Julie was sitting in her stand from 0-dark30 to 9ish
when two small does came out and busted her right
away, so she called her husband Bill and asked him
if he would come and move her stand for an evening
hunt. Of course he said he would and did.

That evening at about 6:00pm she saw out of the corner
of her eye movement of white in the field by a hedgerow
and it was 3 doe walking towards her. After about 20
minutes the biggest doe stopped about 20 yards away and
 she took the shot.

The doe dropped right there so there was no tracking
involved, and judging from the picture it's to bad Julie
is on our WOODA - COULDA - SHOULDA list in the deer
contest. She waited in her stand for 30 minutes because
she still had does around her. Julie ended up her E-Mail
to me by saying a big thanks to Nick VanHoy and of
course, Bill for helping to get her home. She ended the
note to me by saying, - Remember, "A family that hunts
together, stays together." Julie Burch (Sealy)