JOHN BROZAK: 11/12/12
          157 1/2 LB
          10 Point 131 0/8" POPE & YOUNG BUCK

John was hunting with his friend Todd Cahill when
he took this beautiful 10 pointer. This is his first 10
pointer and his first Pope & Young Club buck. He
has taken NYS Big Buck Club Bucks before, but
never a POPE'ER before.

He used a Rage broadhead for his 5 yard shot and the
buck only went 60 yards. John was hunting in
Letchworth State Park, when this dream came true
at 4:45pm.

His dad in the picture is the guy responsible for getting
John started with all his hunting adventures. This was
a real big boddied buck, but he was just short in body l
ength. We had 4 or 5 similar bucks this year.

When everyone guessed the weight, the lowest was
173 and the highest was 190. If this buck was a
person, we would say, he doesn't bump his head a
lot, being short. John is always in our contest, but
this year he's a wooda-coulda-shoulda, but,