73 1/2 lb
          Button Buck

Jerry brought this buck in with his friend Ed Downey.
On this day in Murray, NY, Jerry saw six deer. He had
already made up his mind that the first deer that gave
him an opportunity was going down.

It's funny how a dry year or two can make your hunting
goals change. I have experienced this myself, when
Marcia looks me in the eye and says, "Will you get your
bow and go get me some veneson". A little earlier in
the hunt Jerry almost pulled the trigger on a bigger deer
and backed off, because the shot opportunity wasn't to
his liking.

At 5:20pm three more deer came around. He wanted
to take the mature doe, but this button buck, at 20 yards
just told Jerry it was time to test his 100 grain Razor Cap
broadhead, for a pass thru shot. The deer went 65 yards,
and it was time to call his son, Gordy and Ed Downey.

The smile says it all. A picture is worth a thousand
words, but a smile saves all that reading time.